Holy Ropes 04:11


Indie singer songwriter, Medium tempo, dark, moody, mysterious, haunting, cinematic, dramatic, Female vocals, piano, percussion, drums, tambourine, strings, woodwinds, electric guitar


Forgive me but I sleep like a stone now, Forgive me but he drinks like the drowned now Oh oh oh... Can't shake the blame can't fight the feeling, The taste of young blood was just too appealing Oh oh oh... Chorus: Tie me down with your holy ropes, But cut loose the ballast on my high hopes My concrete heart would sink me so deeply, ever so quickly, Oh no... I thought you walked among friends, Lord knows you walked among death, Oh... I hope remorse she comes, Like a memory, she'll come for you, you Tie me down with your holy ropes Forgive me but I shine like the saved now, Forgive me but he'll dive like the brave now Oh, oh... Pretty and simple, pretty and young, Well my luck will move onto another victim Oh, oh.. Chorus But you turn my slander to wine, It's the only water can cool my fire I dress myself in shame, With the dust of ghosts I'm painting my face