I Don't Want To Live

Biet And Black Pretty Young Son

I Don't Want To Live 03:37
I Don't Want To Live (Instrumental)


Indie rock, Slow tempo, lonely, sad, introspective, reflective, cinematic, moody, alternative, ballad, singer songwriter, Female vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, strings


Seems like this life, aint good enough for us Seems like this life has left us in the dust Ive been a dog beggin for scraps Seems like this life just aint good enough Ive been asking you to stay In every single way I can I dont wanna live If I gotta live without you I dont wanna die If I still have a chance Well, I cant live at all Its just something I never learned how to do So I cant live or die, either way I met you young and fell in love fast I met you when we were living dust to dust Wed go anywhere just to get a taste Until all our love fell away from us