In The Disco 03:44
In The Disco (Instrumental)


Indie rock, Slow tempo, heavy, dark, moody, atmospheric, bluesy, airy, alternative, Female vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, strings


Kiss me into heaven Wear me on your belt Pretend they saved us seats at the banquet Hold off on the meanings What they dont know yet wont hurt them Forget all the diamonds And the lies we spin to lose Break all the ceilings Give up your regrets But you will feel naked When you get undressed It makes you holy Oh in the disco In the darkest of the dawn Im bleeding from both sides of my heart without you Kiss me into heaven Wear me on a cross You dont need a seat to go dancing Hold off on your feelings What they dont see yet Theyll never know Forget all the rubys and the rooms with able fires Cancel all the checks, all that you regret And you will seem unhappy But what they dont see yet will make you holy