Not Love 03:19
Not Love (Instrumental)


Alternative pop, Medium tempo, atmospheric intro, sexy, building, electronic, indie, moody, mysterious, dark, rocking chorus, emotional, Female vocals, synth, electric guitar, bass, beats, drums, percussion, shaker


I cannot think of a place where they turn something into nothing unless that something is worry but that's not where we are Refrain It's not love they did not teach you gentleness in the lessons that brought you the binding knots in how to tie your shoes given the choice, you'd eat the fruit seed, core, stem, and all Chorus Lately I've got nothing but time to recast the past as a vicious yet passing bruise lately i've got nothing but time to exact the necessary expressions of sincerity from you refrain Bridge then i hear teeth (if those can be heard) pinching the skin plucking its strings pleading with it crushing it parting it startlingly marking it penning proof, in skin print pressed blue hues i read this book about you when you're gone gone... Refrain Chorus it's not love, but it is still loss it is still loss it is still lost