Long Way Home 03:31
Long Way Home (Instrumental)


Pop indie electronic, Medium tempo, dark, moody, mysterious, haunting, cinematic, introspective, emotional, building, alternative, Female vocals, synth, beats, drums, tambourine, electric guitar


I’ve grown unaccustomed to my own life It’s like stumbling through somebody else’s house in the night Well I’ve tried everything on, but it’s all the wrong size Just like fumbling with the keys of a car you don’t drive So I decide to take the long way home drive the hurt from my heart on the road comb my hair in mirror to feel composed I’ll get there when I get there I’ve grown unaccomplished in my own right It’s like sleeping next to someone else’s spouse in the night Well I’ve followed the maps and I’ve read all the signs But it’s like going for a drive with no headlights You’re as good as blind if you can’t see the lines In the movie of my life, this part was more exciting but in real life... in the movie of my life I swear I’m more exciting, but in real life It just goes on and on…