Dawn Sequence 03:02
Dawn Sequence (Instrumental)


Electronic pop, Medium tempo, building, emotional, atmospheric, mysterious, moody, dark, sexy, airy, indie, percussive, alternative, Female vocals, synth, electric guitar, beats, bass, drums, electric piano


I must have mistook the fluorescents for daylight again I took to blacking out the windows so they can’t see in I want a dark so pure, like when you’re swimming at night Open your eyes underwater just to find that you’re blind So don’t you look at the slant of the light on the wall Just keep your eyes on my eyes until the morning comes M-m-m-michael M-m-m-michael We cannot stiffen up the sinews, cannot summon the blood I got the courage of a schoolgirl with a schoolgirl’s crush I got my own hand in my mouth, I got silence in my gut I wanna scream just for the sake of the sound in the hush So don’t you look at the slant of the light on the wall We’ll turn tomorrow away when tomorrow dawns M-m-m-michael M-m-m-michael Your eyes were bloodshot, but they searched mine My brain felt tired, my body felt wired, wired Tall grasses, they swayed, called out your name In endless praise, endless praise