Night Sewing 04:22


Indie singer songwriter, Medium tempo, introspective, quirky, warm, reflective, positive, hopeful, uplifting, emotional, folk, Female vocals, group vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, horns, brass, bells, strings, celeste, bass, drums,


We are the dreams of nightbirds This is how it is, now, listen: We are the hopes of lovers Bottled up inside, like jars full of fireflies we shine Oh oh .. Roll it over, push it away with eyes squeezed shut Holy hell, get me through this night From the corners of the room, I sigh It was back to sewing up this quilt again Back to stitching up these walls and Healing this whole house, amen The grass bends 'cause we sigh The world twists when we sway And I closed eyed sigh and I Stitch my pain away But there's a monster, And it's hiding under my bed... He's waiting for me, he said (return to original theme) There've been hundreds before Who've burned up and run But I'm the perfect Distance from the sun