Very proud to be alongside the big puppet headed musician who stars in the brand new film Frank. Glad Frank and the makers of this movie loved The Defending Champs as much as we do. Check out this wonderful placement…

Mr Naps Olympic Gold at Sochi!

February 28, 2014

Well the olympics have officially ended and it was, as always, a an amazing world wide event. It is for this reason we are so proud to have partnered up with NBC to contribute music for the games. Mr Naps heavy hitting Hip Hop track “Here We Go Again” (Featuring Ill Spokinn) was right next to Katy Perry in the Promos used to promote the games! Really proud to have been a part of such an incredible event!

Watch Showtimes series Shameless? Excited to have placed our bands Musée Mécanique “Nothing Glorious” and Locksley “She Does” in some of the latest episodes. Great show, Great music! High fives!


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Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

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In a world where the gift of simply appreciating music seems to have been lost, it takes something extraordinary to capture the heart and the attention of listeners. Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk do just that. From captivating alternative folk-pop melodies to an authentic and energetic performance, you’ll get drawn in to the music and won’t be letting go anytime soon.

Eight Bit Tiger

October 1, 2013

Glow Sticks, Sun Glasses, Flashing Lights, a bunch of party people, and Eight Bit Tiger were all that was needed to get this episode of The Music Playground Presents off the ground. All as the crowd had to do was sit back, have fun and dance our asses off, as these guys brought the electro funk to the party! Check out this live recorded performance at The Lodge Studios! If you ever have a chance to see Eight Bit Tiger Live, go do it…

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