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Bobby London

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Bobby London is the brainchild of a keyboardist immersed in the musical world of blues, voodoo, and New Orleans. The band started out in a cramped one-room pool house in Whittier. As the music began to solidify, and ideas began to flow, that pool house became a makeshift recording studio for the band's first online self-released EP. Since then, Bobby London has emerged from the depths of Whittier and has begun to spread its influence across Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
The members of Bobby London met while touring as the backing band for the retro-soul artist Nick Waterhouse. The guys enjoyed playing his raucous, soulful stylings and later set out on their own to create their own flavor of music. Blend them all together and you get a mix of whiskey-soaked blues, paisley psychedelic rock, funky voodoo, sweat and soul. The band is setting its sights further into the future by playing more shows across California and just released a second digital EP!

This witty, quirky throwback jazz outfit puts a modern lyrical touch on a retro sound that is sure to get your toe tappin and your mouth a laughin! Currently touring across the US, these 2 gentlemen have it in spades!

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