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Ash Gale

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Born and raised in the rolling hills of Adelaide, Ash Gale has grown into one of South Australia’s premium musicians. A session vocalist, songwriter and producer Ash has a true passion to spark emotions through his musical abilities live and recorded.
Ash Gale possesses a voice that’s as powerful and expressive as it is delicate and resonating. His lush vocal tones and emotive guitar work along with his captivating stage presence places Ash in a league of his own. Ash Gale arranges songs with a unique blend of alternative rock, and acoustic melodic soul, which is complemented by his powerful emotive vocals. Ash has often stated to having strong vocal influences such as Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Jeff Buckley and Richard Ashcroft.
Ash strives for perfection and since the breakup of his previous band ‘The Sundance Kids’ in 2012 Ash continues to write and record on a daily basis resulting in two solo EP’s ‘Roll With The Gold’ and ‘Brave The Sea’ both self funded and recorded at Blackhaus Studios in the luscious surroundings of the Adelaide Hills.

This witty, quirky throwback jazz outfit puts a modern lyrical touch on a retro sound that is sure to get your toe tappin and your mouth a laughin! Currently touring across the US, these 2 gentlemen have it in spades!

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